Ôn tập English

Chào cả nhà, dựa theo đề cương cô giáo gửi, t mới soạn đc từng này, 1 cách tóm tắt. Mọi ng view và bổ sung thêm cho t nhé :


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  1. 1. List down at least 5 criteria to evaluate a website

=> Design, Navigation, Ease of use, Accuracy, Up to date, Helpful graphics, Compatibility

  1. 2. Write 3 things you should do when designing a home page?

=> Design a navigation bar, search function, hyper link, text/graphical links, butttons

  1. 3. Write 3 things you should not do when designing a home page?

=> too many graphics, showy background color, incorrect spelling/grammar, wrong information, avoid frame wherever possible

  1. 4. What is programming?

Programming is the process by which a set of codes/instructions is produced for a computer to make it perform a specified task. The task can be anything from the solution to a mathematical problem to the production of a algorithm.

  1. 5. What’s the difference between machine code, low- level language and high-level language?
  • Machine language is the “natural language” of a particular computer. Machine language general consist of strings of numbers (ultimately reduced to 1s and 0s) that instructthe computer to perform their most elementary operations one at a time. Simply too slow and tedious for most programmer.
  • Assembly language(low level language): Low level Language can be change into machine code thanks to assembler. Computer usage increased rapidly with the advent of assembly language, but programming in these languages still required many instructions to accomplish even the simplest tasks.
  • High level language: close to human language. High level languages allow proprammer to write instructions that look almost like everyday English and contain commondly used mathematical notations.
  1. 6. Why do people create programming languages?

All machine can not understand human language. Programming Language is used for controlling the behaviour of the machine.

Create software to decrease human’s power

  1. 7. What are the key features of OOP?

=> key features of OOP are encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

  1. 8. What is metadata? Give example

=> metadata is data about data in the document.

Forexample: XML document use HTML tags to help handle the visual formatting of the document.

  1. 9. What is metalaguage? Give example

Metalanguage is a language from which you can create other languages. For example: HTML, XML is metalanguage

10. How many basic stages of programming are there? What are they?

=> there are 5. they are: clarify the problem, design a solution, code the program, test the program, document and maintain the program

11. Write down some jobs in IT.

Systems manager/programmer, webmaster, support analyst, Cisco technician, programmer, IT manager, computer consultant

12. What is a computer virus? Write down some effects of computer viruses.

A computer virus is a very small program routine that infects a computer system and uses its resources to reproduce itselt. It often does this by patching the operating system to enables it to detect program files, such as COM and EXE files. It then copies itself into those files. This sometimes causes harm to the host computer system.

13. What are main parts of a virus code?

Four main parts of a virus code are: misdirection routine, reproduction routine, trigger routine and payload routine.

14. Give a friend some advice on how to avoid catching a computer virus?

=>     use an antivirus program, update it frequently.

=>     Shouldn’t open strange emails, strange files

=>     Shouldn’t double click at file, you should use window explore and right click, chose open option

15. List down 5 ways to back up data.

Incremental backups, fullbackups, offline backups, online backups, burn data  to CD, DVD ?

(câu này bạn nào present về back up thì check lại rùi trả lời nốt hộ nhé)

16. List down 5 ways to protect your computer network from outside attacks.

ð     Fire wall, use strong password to protect your computer, use antivirus software, encrypt data, use signature verification or biometric security devices toensure user authorization, install a physical security system, lock physical locations and equipment…


  1. Ways to give advice to somebody? Give examples.

=> Use : should, had better(not), it’s a good ide to do, I recommend + V-ing

=>     Ex: I recommend reinstalling the sound drivers

=>     I recommend that you reinstall the sound drivers.

=>     I advise you to reinstall ….

=>     The best thing to to is to reinstall the ….

  1. Time clause. Give examples.

=>   When, while, as, until, Once, before, after

=>     Ex : you can’t save a file until you name it

=>     Ex : While/as  the files are transferred, the transfer is graphically displayed

=>     Ex: When/ Once the OK button is clicked the copying process begins

  1. How to describe Causes and Effects with Cause, Make, When, Which? Give examples.

=>     Make SB do ST

=>     Cause SB/ST to do ST

=>     When + Clause

  1. Causes and Effects with Allow/ Prevent/ Permit/ Enable

=>Prevent SB from doing ST

Ex: A leg injury may prevent Shearer from playing in tomorrow’s game.

=> Allow/ Permit/ enable SB to do ST

  1. How to state requirements? Give examples.

=>     must, need, have to,  be + important, be + essential, be + critical

=>    negative: don’t have to, don’t need, needn’t, not important

  1. Verbs with Causative meaning beginning or ending with ‘EN’.

Enable, encode, encourage, encrypt, enhance, enlarge, ensure, brighten, widen

Ex: A gateway makes it possible for dissimilar networks to communicate

=>     A gate way enables dissimilar …

Ex: You can convert data to secret code to make it secure

=> you can encrypt data to make it secure.


  1. 1. Reading shot passages and do reading tasks.
  2. 2. Make complete sentences using suggested words given.
  3. 3. Rewrite sentences.
  4. 4. Multiple choice
  5. 5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words in the box.
  6. 6. Give correct form of the words.
  7. 7. Write answers to questions.
  8. Download dạng .doc


5 Responses to “Ôn tập English”

  1. Phoenix Says:

    +1 cho tinh thần chăm chỉ :))

  2. Tuấn xoăn Says:

    đang đao 😀

    • mrcuong Says:

      =)), chài ơi, dùng “down” này chứ, ai lại dùng “đao”,ng ta tưởng ai đó bị “đao” thì chít à =))

  3. Bích Says:

    avoid frame wherever possible
    Người ta bảo bạn Cường nên tránh, bạn Cường lại cho vô mục không nên, thế là thế nào?

    • mrcuong Says:

      uhm, vậy mọi ng sửa lại thành “frame wherever in your website”, đúng chưa nhỉ?

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